Welcome to the Swedish Online Yearling Sale 2020

NOTE !! IMPORTANT - In today's bidding, we have in agreement with the auctioneer and the person responsible for the online system decided that the previously stated clock that would be counting down from 30 to 0, will not be used. The sale will thus be just like a live sale, but where the bidders online participate in the entire bidding process. The auctioneer has done an identical sale for Tattersalls with both live and online where they did not use a clock, and it went very well, although the process for each horse will be given more time due to the online bidding. We can also see some problems that can occur when the clock stops for people online, but we might get more bids in the room, which then can not be accepted. The highest bid applies and it is the auctioneer who manages the bid process with the help of a person who announces the bids that are made online. Please note that there is a 3-4 second delay online, so be careful not to wait with your bid!

This year's sale will take place live on 19th of September 1.30 pm at Aronsborg Conferencehotel (without horses present) - and will be a Online Sale on Internet, due to covid-19.
The online sale will start 17th September at noon (12 am) and go on until the last horse is sold the 19th September at midnight (12 pm).

We will do everything in our power to make it a successful and high quality meeting place for our Swedish breeders and demanding buyers.

- Registration form for bidding online 17-19 Sept - DOWNLOAD
- Registration form for live sale at Aronsborg 19th Sept - DOWNLOAD

CATALOGUE - download pdf


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